Making sense of SDS

When it comes to providing both original SDS and ChemAlert reports, ChemAlert offers a distinct difference. ChemAlert has an in house team of scientists who research the product and composition and assign further information.

We will query a manufacturer’s classification of a product if there is conflicting information.

Our scientific team make sense of SDS for the end user so when lives are at stake, access to an accurate and comprehensive SDS is always at hand.

Our comprehensive approach means every SDS is researched and verified. For example, ChemAlert reports specify the exact type of PPE required to be worn (ie. Neoprene or Nitrile gloves; Type A respirator), providing detailed advice for the user.

Our ChemAlert reports are highly regarded and as a result we compile reports and write SDS for over 500 manufacturers in many regions including Australia, New Zealand, USA and within the Europe Union.