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We have the answers to your chemical safety management needs

What is ChemAlert?

All companies have a social and environmental responsibility in relation to the use of chemicals, as well as legislative requirements to fulfil for their country. >>

ChemAlert is a comprehensive software application backed by a team of Australian scientists that assists you in evaluating new chemicals before use, tracking and reporting on chemical storage, perform detailed risk assessments to keep employees safe, and much more. Whether your requirements are legislative compliance through Manufacturer SDS (formerly MSDS) delivery, identifying safer chemical alternatives, or reducing risk through proactive chemical management; ChemAlert can help and save you money. >>

A toolset like ChemAlert is just a software package unless it is backed up with actual service, not just promises. From scientific advice and technical support through to implementations, audits, and training; ChemAlert works with your organisation all the way. Why buy a software package when you can engage with a chemical management partner?

And no overseas call centres... guaranteed! >>