First Priority

A simple proactive, health, safety, environment and community performance management system.

There are many business drivers for implementing effective health, safety and environmental (HSE) management systems. Past experiences have demonstrated that had an effective management system been in place to apply safeguards, injuries, business interruption and disasters could have been prevented

First Priority enables enterprises to strategically plan, align, execute and reinforce process improvements to deliver consistently higher performance standards.

Increased stakeholder expectations and scrutiny advances in systems technology and the new business imperatives have demanded a solution that delivers process transparency and drives performance. RMT brings you that solution in First Priority.

Based on the fundamental principle that to manage and deliver exceptional health and safety performance - given the dynamic changing environment - you must have tools that measure, monitor and reinforce processes, not just outcomes.

To implement systems aligned to organisational strategy, RMT approach execution through disciplined processes of connected activities that links the vision, strategy, motivation, goodwill and persistence of people supported by IT processes and effective relationships to deliver a business value. This strategy execution understanding is the value RMT takes to the marketplace.

It is what differentiates RMT from any competitor. As a business-enabling tool, First Priority is exceptional.

First Priority Enterprise is comprised of seven integrated modules that operate interdependently to manage enterprise risk and HSE. The modules are:

  • Messenger the desk top of FP – a centralised accessible point of communication.
  • Event Manager leading, flexible, time and cost saving dimensional modelling for Event Management.
  • Risk Manager early warning, quantitative and qualitative tools and processes.
  • Report Manager in process metrics, suite of systems reports to monitor and analyse.
  • Template Manager customisation, simple effective templates to collect data to make decisions.
  • Admin Manager to configure, reference data, processes to align to organisation processes.
  • Library integrated content management system to drive business operations.
  • Help an intuitive user friendly comprehensive tool to aid use and early value creation.

For more information visit the First Priority web site.