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ChemAlert is a first-class application that assists organisations in achieving compliance with their chemical management legislative requirements.  It is a web-based application that can be accessed over the Internet or installed inside your local network.  ChemAlert as a software package is backed by a team of Australian scientists, technical support people, auditors, implementers and trainers that turns our software into a solution package.

ChemAlert helps provide compliance in accordance with Australian and International legislation in the following areas:

  1. Provision of original and unaltered manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) as they used to be known.  [WHS 7.1 divisions 1 & 2]
  2. Management of manufacturer SDSs.  That is, the ongoing process of checking for updated SDSs.  [WHS 7.1 divisions 1 & 2]
  3. Easy access to all staff of manufacturer SDSs, as is the legal requirement of any 'person conducting a business or undertaking'.  [WHS 7.1 division 2]
  4. Provision of a Stock Management tool to maintain your chemical registers.  [WHS 7.1 division 3]
  5. Provision of Hazardous Substance reports, Dangerous Goods manifests, Storage Incompatibilities report, Major Hazard Facilities (MHF) report as well as many other stock reports.  [WHS 7.1 division 3]
  6. Provision of a Placarding report for signage.  [WHS 7.1 division 4]
  7. Provision of a comprehensive task-based Risk Assessment module that enables you to assess controls in place and mitigate risk.  [WHS 7.1 division 5]
  8. Provision of a Biological Exposure Indice report to assist in identifying chemicals that require health monitoring.  [WHS 7.1 division 6]

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