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Regulatory authorities are applying greater pressure on businesses to comply with legislation relating to chemicals in the workplace. This has resulted in many organisations reviewing their current procedures to ensure that compliance requirements are identified and met.

We can work with your company to conduct a chemical safety audit that identifies all areas of your operations where compliance issues exist. In addition, the audit will make recommendations to achieve compliance, deliver SDS and establish chemical safety management procedures.

The Process

Our chemical safety audit involves:

  • A safety assessment of chemical-related management issues using relevant state regulations, Australian Standards and NOHSC Codes of Practice.
  • Providing on-site advice regarding critical chemical safety issues at your organisation that require immediate attention.
  • Sourcing, collating and delivering SDS for all company-specific chemicals through the ChemAlert online system.
  • Compiling a comprehensive chemical safety audit report that includes recommendations on all identified chemical safety non-compliances.

The Outcomes

Our chemical safety audit delivers a comprehensive report and recommendations including:

  • A fully compliant ChemAlert application, delivering all SDS and legislatively required stock reports (including dangerous goods listings and hazardous substance registers).
  • Recommendations for dangerous goods management including segregation, storage, handling, placarding, labelling, fire prevention, spill containment and security.
  • Recommendations for the safe storage and handling of other workplace chemical substances.
  • Advice and recommendations for PPE (personal protective equipment), first aid, safety facilities and other chemical safety-related issues.

The Benefits

Benefits derived from this service include:

  • A quick, effective and accurate assessment of how chemicals are managed at your site.
  • A platform to establish and maintain effective chemical management policies and procedures.
  • Measurable savings in time and resources by engaging a trusted industry leader to facilitate chemical management compliance.
  • Ongoing professional support, management advice and quality service at no extra cost.

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