ChemAlert v3.2.0 (November 2010)

ChemAlert 3.2 has now been released!  Major new features include:

  • Custom products:  The ability for users to create their own chemicals within the framework of the ChemAlert application.
  • Upload SDSs:  All ChemAlert users can now upload updated electronic Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets to RMT through the ChemAlert application.  By adding collaborative functionality, we can ensure faster response times to updating Manufacturer SDSs.
  • Greater reporting capabilities:  New stock reports including Placarding and Manifest, Major Hazard Facilities, Site Listing, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Listing, and ChemAlert GHS reports.
  • Bulk actions:  Users can now bulk add/delete products to/from the Stock Register and Stock Holdings, and copy Stock Holding sites.
  • Chemical Request workflow:  Improvements to the Chemical Request module that better facilitate workflow-like processes through the chemical approval process.