Summary Reports

Many users of chemical struggle to understand the technical information contained in a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), no matter how much training they get.  Often users skim the first page or two before giving up, lost in the detail. Bombarding non-scientific users with vast quantities of scientific information (exposure standards, LD50 values, ecological information, etc) can overload the user so they give up on the whole document.

ChemAlert offers a solution in the form of the 'ChemAlert Summary Report' and 'ChemAlert Extended Summary Report'.  The 'Sumamry Report' gives pertinent information in easy-to-understand language of the hazards, first aid, flammability and include pictograms of what PPE should be used. The first page of the 'Extended Summary Report' is the same as the 'Summary Report', but the subsequent pages are customisable (v3.3) to include information from other sections found on the Full Report.

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