Stock Management

Another responsibility of any 'person conducting a business or undertaking' is to track the location and quantities of where Hazardous Chemicals (HC), formerly known as Hazardous Substances and/or Dangerous Goods, are stored on site.  Detailed and accurate reports such as Hazardous Substance Registers must be maintained for emergency services workers should an incident occur.  Placarding is required for storage of Dangerous Goods.  Mandatory reporting under the National Pollutants Inventory framework occurs annual.  Major Hazard Facilities (MHF) also have legislative required reporting.

ChemAlert includes an easy-to-use Stock Management module enabling companies to easily track the maximum quantities of each chemical across their site.  This module is complemented by a suite of important Stock Reports including amongst others:

  • Stock Holdings listing
  • Hazardous Substances register
  • Dangerous Goods register
  • Placarding report
  • National Pollutants Inventory listing
  • Storage Incompatibilities report
  • Major Hazard Facilities report

Most ChemAlert reports can be exported to either PDF or CSV format, and our reports are second-to-none.

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