Product Labels

ChemAlert includes a range of product Labels for each of the researched products on the database, as well as the 'Custom Products' that clients can create themselves.  The ChemAlert labels are typically used for four main purposes:

  • When decanting a product into a new container;
  • For laboratory use;
  • For compliance reasons (e.g. a foreign or non-compliant label exists on the container)
  • To replace a damaged or missing label

Having unlabelled or incorrectly labelled containers is an often ignored risk to employees and the environment and therefore businesses.  Employees exposed to unknown substances due to no or poor labelling can be fatal.  Incorrect disposal of unknown substances that are environmentally hazardous is a significant business risk to reputation.  ChemAlert can help ensure you always have correctly labelled containers, minimising risk to your employees, the environment, and your business.

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