Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets

Providing access to manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) or Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) as they used to be known, form a core part of the responsibility of any 'person conducting a business or undertaking'. Obtaining an initial SDS/MSDS from the supplier is usually very easy, but the process of constantly monitoring which SDSs/MSDSs are out-of-date or even have been updated within the mandatory 5 year period can be an onerous and time consuming task.

We regularly find that companies without a chemical mangement solution have poorly updated SDS/MSDS registers, as staff have other pressing needs to address and struggle to find the time to source new and updated SDSs/MSDSs. The WHS legislation (chapter 7.1, section 344) prescribes substantial financial penalties to both individuals and body corporates for failure to meet these requirements, and the onus is on the 'person conducting a business or undertaking' - not the supplier!

ChemAlert provides a comprehensive database of Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets for subscribers, and maintains that database with a team of in-house researchers and scientists.  We are continually checking with manufacturers for updated SDSs/MSDSs and load them quickly on receipt so all subscribers have instant access.  Our Auto Product Update (APU) engine ensures you receive the latest researched information linked to any updated SDS/MSDS without having to wait months for a new software release.

The anecdotal evidence we hear back from our clients is that when an auditor comes to site and find the site uses ChemAlert, they rarely bother checking for currency of SDSs/MSDSs as they know you have fulfilled your obligation to obtain the latest manufacturer SDSs/MSDSs (not transcribed or generic reports).

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