Chemical Approvals

Do you you know what chemicals are being brought onsite?  Do they contravene environmental licensing conditions, or exceed your maximum quantities, or are they incompatible with existing chemicals?  Are they alternatives to products that already exist onsite?

ChemAlert offers a 'Chemical Request' module to enable you to review all chemicals that employees or contractors want to bring onsite.  It enables assessments to be completed on the products to ensure:

  • They have a current and compliant  Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
  • They exist on the ChemAlert database with independently researched ChemAlert reports and labels.
  • Satisfactory storage controls exist prior to bringing the product onsite.
  • Products don't breach environmental conditions.
  • Alternative products that could achieve the same result aren't already approved onsite.
  • Products don't present a serious health risk to employees.
  • The lowest hazard product has been chosen

Control of the entry of new products to your site is one of the most important ways to ensure your site has to the lowest risk of health exposure to hazardous chemicals.

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