Dangerous Goods

ChemAlert allows users to generate legislatively compliant reports pertaining to Dangerous Goods used on site. These reports include:

Dangerous Goods

Provides an overview of all Dangerous Goods located within specific site holdings, listing the names, UN Numbers, D.G. Classes, Packing Groups, quantities, entry and next audit dates of products classified as Dangerous Goods.

The spreadsheet version contains additional information such as Poisons Schedule status, SDS dates and whether Risk Assessments are available for the products.


Calculates the actual quantities of Dangerous Goods on site against the Placard and Manifest quantities as stated in the National Standard Storage and Handling of Workplace Dangerous Goods [NOHSC:1015(2001)]. Quantities of mixed packing groups, Class C1 and Class C2 Combustible Liquids are also included in the report.

The spreadsheet version contains additional product information as per the Dangerous Goods report.

Storage Incompatibilities

Lists by site products which are or may be incompatible with each other. Total quantities, D.G. Classes, relevant subsidiary risks, UN Numbers and the corresponding segregation rules are given for both the product and its potential incompatibilities.

Major Hazard Facilities

Calculates the maximum quantities of Named and Grouped Materials against the threshold quantities as stated in the National Standard for the Control of Major Hazard Facilities [NOHSC:1014(2002)].

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