Compliance through better chemical management

Every organisation must comply with regulations in the field of health, safety, environment and community [HSEC]. It’s part of being a responsible employer and a good corporate citizen.

Over the past decade we have witnessed growing local and international concerns over the state of the global environment and the relationships between economic and social development and human and environmental health. The management of chemicals throughout the lifecycle of production, use and disposal is a critical component in these relationships.

As a result increasingly stringent regional and international regulations have been developed to address chemical management and their potential to impact to human and environmental health.

The magnitude and complexity of these regulations and agreements, the fiduciary, employee and community concerns has driven many organisations to seek targeted strategies to significantly reduce chemical risks. The ChemAlert toolset and it’s aligned support services team targets these key sustainability objectives.

A structured chemical management system is the key to complying with legislative requirements and ensuring a safe environment for your employees and the community.

ChemAlert has helped some of Australia’s leading organisations adopt fully compliant chemical management systems as part of their daily routine.

But if you’ve never had a structured system before, knowing where to begin can be daunting. To help you get started, ChemAlert has provided the following fact sheets: