The RMT Advantage

At RMT, we’ve forged hundreds of successful long-term partnerships with companies all over the world, based on the efficiencies and increased productivity that our chemical safety and risk management products and services provide.

We offer a range of safety management systems and support services to meet all your needs. They’re designed to save you time and money and give you peace of mind knowing you are meeting your fiduciary responsibilities.

How we reduce your EHS expenses

As EHS issues grow in complexity, the need for a comprehensive, real-time total management program has never been more important. By utilising the expertise, knowledge and experience of RMT, and adopting our advanced automated SDS and chemical management system, your company immediately and significantly reduces the administrative burden associated with maintaining and supporting chemical compliance.

You’ve got better things to do than administration

Importantly, the ChemAlert management system continually reduces the time and effort you spend doing administrative functions, whether it’s benefiting from automatically generated:

  • Hazardous Substance or Stock Registers;
  • Dangerous Goods manifests or Storage Incompatibilities reports; or
  • The Automated Product Updates (APU) toolset; or
  • Having immediate access to each and every one of the original SDS and its independently researched report; or
  • Knowing your system has already been enhanced to meet new Hazardous Substances, Dangerous Goods, GHS and REACH regulations.